For Lea Michele, fittings aren’t just about clothing — they’re about gossip. That’s because she’s getting styled by one of her best friends, Brad Goreski.

“We’re similar personalities,” Goreski, 39, told Us Weekly as we sat in on one of their sessions in L.A., on August 13. “We get together and go into our TV shows, music.” To which Michele, 30, added, “We’re not talking about the Olympics or the election. We’re talking about who’s hot, who’s losing weight, who’s dating who.”

When the duo’s not dishing on the latest juicy news, they’re working hard on revamping Michele’s sultry style. “We’ve taken her sexy vibe — bodycon dresses really work on her — and started showing other sides of her personality,” the Fashion Police cohost explains.

The Scream Queens star doesn’t feel like Goreski’s new ideas are forced upon her, though. “He’s never said, ‘You have to wear this.’ It doesn’t matter if it just came off the runway, it matters how it looks and feels,” she tells Us. “I’m not a model. I’m not the type of person you can put anything on and they’ll look good. I’m a 5-foot-3 Jewish-Italian girl from New York. I truly believe that looking good comes from within. Our process is such a fun experience that I feel like it shows.”

Goreski weighs in on her everyday wardrobe too. “Lea was going to get her hair done the other day and asked me to pick her out something,” the stylist, who also works with Kaley Cuoco and Sarah Hyland, shares. “I was like ‘Oh, these white jeans are cute, and this black bodysuit, and then we’ll do a jean jacket and a cute heel. And you can wear this choker I brought!'”

The Glee alum then admitted, “I’d never touched those white jeans, and now I wear them every single day.”

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Fox’s Scream Queens will jump three years into the future when it returns this fall, and unsurprisingly, there are major changes ahead for the Ryan Murphy horror-comedy.

Season 2 is set in a hospital run by Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), and it’s probably only a matter of time before the Chanels (Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin and Billie Lourd) discover that Hester (Lea Michele) was responsible for the murders last season. But, in an entertaining twist, the now neck brace- and eye patch-free Hester may actually be playing for the good guys!

“As the murders start to happen, everyone is obviously thinking that it’s Hester again,” Lea Michele recently revealed to TVGuide.com. “She’s quite adamant that she is not the killer this season, but that she will try and help them figure out who the killer is.”

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Events in 2016 > 08-24 – AYR Fall Collection Party [+ 6]

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Taylor Lautner didn’t just go back to December on Monday—he went back to 2009!

The actor joined his Scream Queens co-stars Lea Michele and John Stamos for a Facebook Live Q&A as part of the Fox TCA presentation. After discussing the second season (and Fuller House, of course), Stamos told Michele, “I exposed who Taylor dated earlier in one of the interviews.”

“You mean in life or on the show?” she asked. “Who’d you date in life?”

Blushing, Lautner replied, “I don’t know.”

“He dated quite a few girls,” Stamos said. “There was a list. Right, Taylor?”

Michele joked, “I need to catch up.”

“Um…I mean…yeah, I’ve dated some people,” Lautner confessed.

“You dated Taylor Swift ,” Michele told her flustered co-star. “I remember that.”

“That’s hilarious,” Lautner said.

But Michele was just getting started. Lautner and Swift dated briefly after they played love interests in the ensemble rom-com Valentine’s Day. “Should we talk about it?” she teased.

“No!” Lautner said. “I don’t know why you guys want to talk about it.”

“Didn’t she write a song about you?” Michele asked.

“That’s what she does,” Lautner replied. “She writes songs.”

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